Roland Burke on Radio Leinster

Roland Burke on Radio Leinster
Radio Leinster logo (courtesy of David Baker)

This is an early recording of Radio Leinster made from 1722-1809 on 28th May 1981 from its AM frequency of 738 kHz (406 metres). Roland Burke (RIP) is on air with what he admits himself is a musical mixture, ranging from current pop artists such as Kim Wilde and Toyah Wilcox to the Eagles, Manhattan Transfer and Linda Ronstadt. it’s all a bit confusing and clearly Leinster was still finding its niche and was yet to become the easy listening station which became its hallmark in later times.

Surprisingly there are no ads to be heard in this 45-minute recording even though Radio Leinster was on air for a month at this stage. There’s no sign either of the news service that was promised when the station launched.

Reception is fair as the recording was made in Scotland. We thank Ken Baird for this donation.

‘Malcolm’s Problems’ on KISS FM Monaghan

'Malcolm's Problems' on KISS FM Monaghan
KISS FM sticker (courtesy of Ian Biggar).

‘Malcolm’s Problems’ was a comedy segment broadcast on the Monaghan super-pirate KISS FM which was on air for just eight months in 1988. It was a regular feature on the show presented by Owen Barry (aka Larkin), who was a familiar voice on stations in the northeast during the pirate era. Owen did all the voices and was co-producer of the inserts along with the late Roland Burke.

'Malcolm's Problems' on KISS FM Monaghan
Owen Larkin in a KISS FM promotional brochure (courtesy of Ian Biggar).

This is the final edition of ‘Malcolm’s Problems’ which was broadcast at 3pm on Christmas Day 1988, just a few days before KISS FM closed down. The station left the air at just after 6pm on 30th December. Despite its short existence, KISS FM shook up the staid radio landscape in Northern Ireland by beaming its powerful signal into Belfast and beyond.

We thank John Breslin for his donation of this recording.