Tony Gareth on Radio Nova

Tony Gareth on Radio Nova
Undated photo of Gareth O’Callaghan in the Nova studio (courtesy Noel Hiney).

This recording is of popular DJ Tony Gareth (Gareth O’Callaghan) on Radio Nova in December 1982. There is a large number of adverts in the pre-Christmas period, emphasising the growing commercial success of Nova. Gareth promotes a competition to give away a music system and uses the tag line ‘clutterfree’, the format of continuous music and limited chat for which Nova became renowned. There’s also the 2.15 ‘hit and pick’ request spot for a local business. News is read by Sybil Fennell and the weather forecast covers Northern Ireland and the northwest of England, reflecting Nova’s coverage area. Gareth O’Callaghan went on to work in many other pirate and licensed stations and is still broadcasting today.

This tape was recorded from 88.2 FM from 1400-1450 (news is cut) on 1st December 1982. It is from the Anoraks Ireland Collection, donated to us by Paul Davidson. Nova also broadcast on 819 kHz at this time.

All-night Sunshine Radio

All-night Sunshine Radio
Sunshine sticker from 1986 (courtesy Pat Herbert RIP).

This recording of Dublin’s super-pirate Sunshine Radio was made in the early hours of the October bank holiday Monday 1985. Non-stop music is heard for the first twenty minutes or so, possibly from the Tamango’s nightclub at the Sands Hotel in Portmarnock where Sunshine was based. The Sunshine Radio Review of 1985 lists live music from Tamango’s from midnight to 2am every Saturday morning. This may have been the case also on the Sunday of the bank holiday weekend, although there is no mention of the club during the music sweep. News at 2am is read by Joyce Jackson, who would go on to work as a journalist in RTÉ.

The recording was donated kindly to us by Shay Geoghegan.

Nick Richards marks 100 shows on South Coast Radio

Nick Richards marks 100 shows on South Coast Radio
Nick Richards at South Coast Radio in December 1982 (courtesy Lillian O’Donoghue).

This is a recording of the 100th programme presented by popular South Coast Radio DJ Nick Richards in August 1982. At this stage of South Coast’s run, Nick’s Nightline show was heard on the Cork station in the late evening and early hours. Nick mentions August 14th 1967, when offshore pirate radio ships were closed down under new UK legislation, and plays music to make the occasion.  

This partially airchecked recording begins just after midnight on Friday 13th August 1982 and is from 104 FM. Thanks to Lillian O’Donoghue for the donation.

Paul Vincent on Galway’s WLS

Paul Vincent on Galway's WLS
Exterior of WLS studios in Prospect Hill Galway in 1986 (Anoraks Ireland Collection).

Paul Vincent (aka Brendan Mee) was a DJ on the Galway pirate WLS and later did stints on the border pirate Zee 103 and the offshore station the Voice of Peace. This airchecked recording is of him on an undated show from July 1986, which includes a detailed events guide for Galway for the late summer and autumn. The clip below is of Brendan reading the WLS midday news bulletin on Thursday 19th June 1986.

WLS news on 19.06.1986

Thanks for Brendan Mee for the donation.

Breakfast on Galway’s Coast 103

Breakfast on Galway's Coast 103
Coast 103 sticker (Anoraks Ireland Collection).

Coast 103 was a popular Galway station broadcasting from the middle of 1987 until the end of 1988. Run by Keith York and Steve Marshall who had been involved with previous Galway stations Atlantic Sound and WLS, Coast later merged with Limerick station Hits 954 and eventually claimed to cover a large area from Galway to the outskirts of Cork City. This recording was made towards the end of Coast’s run and features Ger Sweeney’s upbeat breakfast show, sponsored by the Happy Spud. A promo refers to Coast being heard in Limerick, Tipperary, Kerry and Cork but all of the adverts are from Galway. Ger must have been in a rush to leave as there is continuous music at the end of his show before Shane Martin takes over.

Breakfast on Galway's Coast 103
Original cassette label from Anoraks Ireland Collection.

The recording was made from 102.95 FM on 8th November 1988 from 0836-0924. It is from the Anoraks Ireland Tapes Collection, donated to us by Paul Davidson.