Westside Radio International returns for New Year’s Eve 1989

Westside Radio International returns for New Year's Eve 1989
Westside operator Prince Terry in May 1983 (Anoraks Ireland Collection).

Westside Radio International was a long-running shortwave pirate broadcasting on Sunday morning from Dublin between 1975 and 1989 with later appearances under different names including Ozone Radio. The station was set up by the late Don Moore and was taken over by Roger Lloyd (Prince Terry on air) in 1977. It was steeped in the pirate spirit and created a real sense of community among free radio enthusiasts in Ireland and abroad. The station closed down on 31st December 1988 along with the vast majority of Irish pirates but returned for a special commemorative broadcast exactly one year later.

This airchecked recording was made between 1123 and 1253 on 31st December 1989 from 6280 kHz shortwave. Prince Terry announces that Westside has returned just for that day to mark the first anniversary of the pirate closedowns and says that it is also broadcasting on FM and medium wave. There are greetings to well-known radio anoraks and news about the small number of remaining pirate stations, including Radio Dublin which is said to have switched back on its AM transmitter.

Audio is fair to poor with deep fading but is an authentic representation of how Westside sounded on shortwave in the west of Ireland at the time. The recording was made in Co. Clare by John Breslin, who we thank for the donation.

Final Christmas Eve on Heartbeat FM

Final Christmas Eve on Heartbeat FM
Heartbeat sticker (courtesy DX Archive).

This is a recording of the final Christmas Eve on Dublin love song station Heartbeat FM from 1988. John Keogh is on air from an unnamed pub with plenty of festive music and requests. He reminds listeners that there are only six days left before Heartbeat closes down and the iconic ‘final countdown’ promo is aired. Adverts of interest include one for a course in computer keyboard skills and another for ‘Bros-look outfits’.

Heartbeat was launched in November 1986 and quickly gained a strong listenership due to its love song format. It changed its name to Cara 95 FM in 1987 but reverted back to Heartbeat due to popular demand. Heartbeat closed at the end of December 1988 in line with the new legislation.

Final Christmas Eve on Heartbeat FM
Original cassette label from Anoraks Ireland Collection.

The tape was recorded from 95.5 FM from 1417-1502 on 24th December 1988 and is partly airchecked. It is from the Anoraks Ireland Tapes Collection, donated to us by Paul Davidson.

Various shows on South Coast Radio from 1982

Various shows on South Coast Radio from 1982
L-R: Engineer Terri Vacani, Lillian McCarthy, Alan Reid and Nick Richards (undated, courtesy Lillian O’Donoghue).

These snippets of South Coast Radio in Cork were recorded in November 1982. The recording begins with Stevie Dunne who is filling in for Nick Richards on his Nightline show just after 11pm. He is followed by Steve Douglas, at the time South Coast’s youngest DJ who came from earlier Cork pirates Radio City and Capital Radio. Then another excerpt from the Nightline programme is heard followed by the late Alan Reid (aka Henry Condon, known as Henry Owens on later stations) with the breakfast show. South Coast’s number one fan Lillian McCarthy (O’Donoghue) is mentioned throughout the recording.

Various shows on South Coast Radio from 1982
Steve Douglas at Christmas 1982 (courtesy Lillian O’Donoghue).

The tape is dated 14th November 1982 but appears to cover more than one day. It was recorded from 104 FM and donated to us by Lillian O’Donoghue. Audio quality is fair with some distortion.

Nick Richards marks 100 shows on South Coast Radio

Nick Richards marks 100 shows on South Coast Radio
Nick Richards at South Coast Radio in December 1982 (courtesy Lillian O’Donoghue).

This is a recording of the 100th programme presented by popular South Coast Radio DJ Nick Richards in August 1982. At this stage of South Coast’s run, Nick’s Nightline show was heard on the Cork station in the late evening and early hours. Nick mentions August 14th 1967, when offshore pirate radio ships were closed down under new UK legislation, and plays music to make the occasion.  

This partially airchecked recording begins just after midnight on Friday 13th August 1982 and is from 104 FM. Thanks to Lillian O’Donoghue for the donation.

Paul Vincent on Galway’s WLS

Paul Vincent on Galway's WLS
Exterior of WLS studios in Prospect Hill Galway in 1986 (Anoraks Ireland Collection).

Paul Vincent (aka Brendan Mee) was a DJ on the Galway pirate WLS and later did stints on the border pirate Zee 103 and the offshore station the Voice of Peace. This airchecked recording is of him on an undated show from July 1986, which includes a detailed events guide for Galway for the late summer and autumn. The clip below is of Brendan reading the WLS midday news bulletin on Thursday 19th June 1986.

WLS news on 19.06.1986

Thanks for Brendan Mee for the donation.