Mark O’Toole RIP

it is with sadness that on 22/03/2024 we learned of the death of Mark O’Toole – Mark was the founder of Charity Radio and his lifetime was filled with radio experience from Wonderland Radio to Chairperson of Tallaght Community Radio to popular All 80s radio – Mark was active on MW, SW and FM over the decades. His friends at Charity Radio are shocked by the news which filtered in on Friday evening.

Mark was very generous with his time and was a great fixer in the radio business. He was active outside of broadcasting with Community Centres, Food Banks and the work he did with the Irish Heart Foundation. Our condolences to his Family, Friends and the wider radio community who knew Mark. 73’s and respect to his vision and actions which are all around us.

In 2015 I sat down with Mark for a college project where he got to explain the reasons he set up Radioactive now Charity Radio.

Having previously been founder & chairperson of Tallaght Community Radio back in the 1990s Mark knew about the power of radio in audience reach and advocacy. For Mark this was a light bulb moment. Radio could help the Irish Heart Foundation. Advertising is very effective but it’s also very expensive, what if there were a platform where charities could advertise for free? From humble beginnings on a laptop in a bedroom Charity Radio was born in Walkinstown.

full written article is here Charity begins at home in Walkinstown

and a 15 minute interview with Mark is here