Jingles: Liberties Local Community Radio

Liberties Local Community Radio (LLCR) began broadcasting in March 1986 from Weaver Square in Dublin 8. It was run by Sammy Prendergast who was well known for installing aerials for pirate stations. LLCR broadcast on 1035 kHz AM using the old Capitol Radio rig which had been on 1017 kHz until shortly before then. It was also heard on 104 FM at a later stage.

There was some variation in the station’s name as these idents indicate, from LLCR to Liberties Radio to Liberty Radio. It also announced Liberty 104 at one stage. Although LLCR began by emphasising its community roots in the Liberties, it never sounded like long-standing community stations such as BLB and NDCR. One of its most popular programmes was a hip-hop show presented by Tony Christie.

Top of the hour ident into news from 1988. The newsreader is a youthful Teena Gates who is still to be heard on Dublin radio.
LLCR jingles from 1986 when it emphasised its local/community roots.
Slight change to the top of the hour jingle in 1987 announcing Liberties Radio.
Top of the hour ident from 1988 announcing Liberty Radio.