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Welcome to The Kieran Murray Homepage



This site went Offline September 2013. It has been donated to the archive and will be hosted here frozen in time. Thanks to Kieran Murray for the donation.

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Briefly, I was born in Dublin, Ireland and on my 9th birthday I got a present of a small transistor radio. I started to tune around the dial and listen to the very limited radio choice available on the AM (Medium Wave) band. In fact, the only station I could listen to was Radio Éireann from Athlone and Dublin. Both wavelengths carried the same programming. After dark, I noticed that the dial became filled with radio stations which were broadcasting from right across Europe. There were French, German, Dutch and English radio stations. I figured very quickly that night time was best for radio listening and soon I discovered Radio Luxembourg on 208 metres. The station carried English language programming after 19:00 and featured radio presenters introducing popular music!

Then one sunny Sunday afternoon, while tuning the radio dial, I found a new radio station which was not there before - the station I heard was Radio Dublin. This was to make a lasting impression on me for the rest of my life.

From that point on, I was hooked on pirate radio (unlicensed radio) and in particular Irish pirate radio

When I finished school, I made up my mind that I wanted to work in radio - and I worked in various pirate radio stations over many years, before eventually landing a job on a real 'legal' radio station. Then in 1997, I left it all behind for a change of career and direction.

So what's this site all about and what can you find on it? Well, this site is all about me, Kieran Murray and my life history involvement in radio broadcasting. Feel free to browse the site and use the link menus on the left of each page.

Who's that very cute baby to the right? Click on the photo to see a more recent photo of me!!

Although I have very lucky right throughout my life in always being able to pursue my hobby as a job, there is a real warning for aspiring Radio Presenters out there about the pitfalls of working in the radio business. I would urge everyone to read it and then make up your own mind. Don't let that put you off though, go through this site and see what can be learned.

Elsewhere on this site, you can listen to Irish Radio with Real Audio and Windows Media Player and play the MP3 files using iTunes. The radio listing has been updated to include a link to every Irish radio station that's streaming on the internet.

A Bear and Proud!!


Kieran - 4 months old!

Picture Above: That cute, cuddly baby is Kieran Murray aged 4 months! Photographed at Jerome's Photographers, Henry Street, Dublin 1.

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