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OK I put my hands up! I am one of the last people to get into You Tube business but, as they say, better late than never. I have been looking through the video vaults at You Tube with a particular interest in Pirate Radio, Offshore Radio, Irish Pirate Radio, UK Offshore Radio... the list goes on.

Anyway, on this page are some of the most interesting videos I have discovered on You Tube - some are absolutely fascinating - but you definitely have to watch them all. They make compulsive viewing. None of the videos have been created by me; they are all in the public domain. If you come across a video that you think should be included here, then please click the email icon on the top left of this page. Please send me the full address to the video, or the address of the page.

A short film about Radio Caroline, recorded near Frinton Beach, England. "Wherever you looked in 1966, there were people challenging the status quo"

Dur: 02.09

Pirate radio in the 1960's, off the coast of Essex, England. Featuring "Swinging Radio England"

Dur: 03:47

Radio Caroline, Pirate Radio in Britain in the 1960's.

"The moment Radio Caroline came on the air in Easter 1964 it was front page news" Dur: 03.54

This video features never-before seen footage taken on board the Radio Caroline ship by Keith Skues. He gets together with fellow pirate DJ Tony Blackburn so they could talk about some old times.....

Dur: 08:26

It was 1964, it was new rock festivals, it was The Beatles, it was subversive and it was exciting. This is a brief look at the history of the Red Sand Fort and the pirate radio station which transmitted from there - Radio 630.

Dur: 05.04

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