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Irish Pirate Radio 1978-1988



Here's your chance to hear some jingles from radio stations, past and present!

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"Don't Stop The Carousel" Performed by Roy Taylor and The Nevada.

Author: Hurley/Hicky. Copyright: 1978 EMMA MUSIC.

This was the theme tune for Radio Carousel, which began broadcasting from The Dundalk Shopping Centre, Dundalk, County Louth, in May 1978. The opening of the station coincided with the Dundalk Maytime Festival. Many people in the locality believed the station was only on-air for the duration of the festival, but as time proved, this was not thecase!!

Listen with real Player Don't Stop The Carousel    |   Download!  Don't Stop The Carousel.mp3 (3.25 MB) (Dur: 3.33)

Gay Byrne Show Theme

Not connected with pirate radio in any way, but this theme tune called "Tico's Tune" by "Manuel & The Music Of The Mountains" was the theme of the Gay Byrne Show which ran for many years on RTÉ Radio One. You can read some of the history by scrolling half way down this page The reason I include the recording here is that apparently it is very rare (or very hard to obtain). Enjoy!

Download!  Manuel & The Music Of The Mountains - Tico's Tune (Columbia DB 7678).mp3 (2.90 MB) (Dur: 2.32)

Manuel & The Music Of The Mountains - Tico's Tune (Columbia DB 7678).wma (5.87 MB (Dur: 2:32)

Dublin's 98FM

This station has been on-air in Dublin since August 1989. They had steadfastly refused to use jingles, preferring to use "liners" i.e.: a line or statement spoken by a male or female voice. However, in January 2003, this all changed as 98FM introduced their first-ever jingle package "We LOVE this CITY - Dublin's 98FM"

Listen with real Player 98FM Jingles   |  Download!  98FM Jingles.mp3 (2.07 MB) (Dur: 1.49)

Radio Nova, Ireland

This "Pirate" radio station began transmitting from Dublin, Ireland in June 1981. Radio Nova literally changed the face of broadcasting in Ireland and made FM Stereo popular for broadcasting. Here's a chance to hear all those jingles you know and love from the innovator of Free Radio in Ireland.

Listen with real Player Radio Nova Jingles   |  Download!  Radio Nova Jingles.mp3 (3.96 MB) (Dur: 4.20)

Radio Mi Amigo

This was the Dutch language service of Radio Northsea International. The station broadcast from the ship Mi Amigo, which was anchored in International Waters, just off the Dutch coast, during the 1970's. The English service was called RNI (Radio Northsea International) but these Dutch jingles are superb!

Listen with real Player Radio Mi Amigo Jingles   |  Download!  Radio Mi Amigo Jingles.mp3 (3.12 MB) (Dur: 3.24)

Radio Dublin Theme Tune

This traditional Irish tune called 'Boola Boola' was recorded by Drifter Sound and arranged by S.Shannon in 1970. It was Radio Dublin's theme tune from 1970 right up to the mid-80's. This tune was played at the start and finish of each transmission. It was also played each time the station returned to the air after they were raided by the authorities. It also preceded the 'Captain's News' each Sunday at 1.30pm (ish!!) In the 1980's, Radio Dublin started broadcasting 24 hours a day so 'Boola Boola' was heard less often.

Listen with real Player Radio Dublin Theme    |  Download!  Radio Dublin Theme.mp3     (2.53 MB) (Dur: 2.46)

Radio Northsea International Theme Tune

Anchored in International Waters off the Dutch coast during the mid-1970's, this 1970 recording "Man Of Action" by the Les Reed Orchestra (written by Les Reed himself) was used to identify RNI. Its possibly most famous for it's use in announcements during, and after, the dramatic 'bomb attack'

Listen with real Player RNI Theme Tune    |  Download!  RNI Theme Tune.mp3   (2.70 MB) (Dur: 2.20)

Radio Dublin Main I.D. Jingle

This 1978 recording called "I Like It" by George Doherty and John Anderson, was made at Hydepark Studios and performed by The D.A. Band. It was released as a single and used by Radio Dublin during the late 70's. The female vocals on this track is rumoured to be that of Linda Martin, who was lead singer with Irish pop group 'Chips' at the time.

Listen with real Player Radio Dublin Main-ID Jingle   | Download!  Radio Dublin Main-ID Jingle.mp3    (2.70 MB ) (Dur: 02.24)

Radio Carousel - Alfasound Productions Jingle Package

This Main Jingle Ident was used by Radio Carousel Navan and Dundalk around 1980 -1983. The British company who produced this jingle package was Alfasound. The company broke up after a long acrimonious legal battle between the two directors. The down side to this was that all the Alfasound jingle masters were locked away, never to see the light of day. Some people think that the master cuts were destroyed. However, I have managed to find copy of the Radio Carousel Alfasound Jingle main ident - this is a very rare recording - enjoy!

Listen with real Player Radio Carousel Alfasound Jingles   |  Download!  Radio Carousel Alfasound Jingles.mp3 (3.50 MB)   (Dur: 05.06)

Premier FM 94.9 Jingles

In August 2004 I was asked if I would be interested in joining the team of a radio station called Premier FM 94.9. The station, which broadcast to the Dublin area using a Temporary License granted by the Broadcasting Commission Of Ireland, specialised in playing oldies from 1960 to 1990. I of course, said yes and "The Classic Chart Countdown with Stereo Steve" was born. The show ran each Sunday afternoon from 2 to 5pm from September to December 2004. This is a collection off-air of some of the jingles used. Enjoy!

Listen with real Player Premier FM 94.9 Jingles   |  Download!  Premier FM 94.9 Jingles.mp3  (1.88 MB) (Dur: 01.38)

Radio Luxembourg 208 Jingles

Radio Luxembourg was undoubtedly THE most unique radio station in Europe, if not the World. It's a piece of radio history and I am glad to say that I had the pleasure of listening to Radio Luxembourg 208 during my teenage years. I was too young to remember the "offshore Pirates" of the 1960's, but young enough to hear one of the greatest radio stations that ever broadcast. It was while listening to Radio Luxembourg that I became aware of 'jingles' - you know, those 10 to 20 second sung tunes that tell you what radio station you're listening to and what frequency. I will never forget Radio Luxembourg and here are some jingle memories. Enjoy!

Listen with real Player Radio Luxembourg 1971 -1972   |  Download!  Radio Luxembourg 1971 -1972.mp3 (1.69 MB) (Dur: 02:27)

Broadband Bonus!  Download!  Radio Luxembourg Jingle Montage.mp3 (5.40MB) (Dur: 07:52)

"Get Turned On To BIG D" - John Paul (1979)

Back in 1979 - John Paul was a DJ on the Dublin pirate station Big D Radio (or The BIG D as it was known). John organised dance competitions and ran discos in Dublin city centre amongst other things. One of his 'claims to fame' was to release a record with the title "Get Turned On To Big D". Needless to say, the track was never played on any other radio station, except, of course, The Big D!

Listen with real Player Get Turned On To Big D |  Download!  Get Turned On To Big D.mp3 (3.67 MB) (Dur: 03:12)

"The JAM Song" - Jam Creative Productions - September 1985

Ever wondered what those musical tunes are, that tell you what radio station you are listening to and what frequency you are listening on? Well, the answer is that these are commonly called 'jingles' or 'radio idents'. In some countries it is a legal requirement for radio stations to play their 'ident' at the top of the hour. Because of this requirement, a number of companies - mostly in the US - were set-up with the specific intention of providing radio stations with tailor-made 'idents'. One of the biggest and well-known names in the business of creating radio jingles was a company called Jam Creative Productions. In the mid-80's they decided to put together a montage of radio jingles in the form of a song - the result was: The Jam Song! Sing-a-long here.

The Jam Song.wma (5.73 MB (Dur: 06:13) | The Jam Song.mp3 (4.27 MB) (Dur: 06:13)

Stereo Steve on Premier FM 94.9

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