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"Comin' atcha" (baby, and it's gonna be fantastic!!)


On February 28th (1978), an application was made by RTE to the Government to begin a second radio station i.e. "RTE Radio 2". This the Government considered, and at the cabinet meeting on Friday October 6th, after discussing it, they gave the right to RTE to establish a second radio channel. 1979: Mr. George Waters in February(2-2-79), as the RTE Director General announces at the Wexford Opera Festival the start date for the new music station will be May 31. It was to the music critic of "The Irish Times" something very retrograde and he was not to attend the launch of what he termed "RE2", when May 31 came around. Meanwhile speaking at the annual Jacob's TV and Radio award's at the close of March, the Taoiseach referred to the illegal stations. Mr. Lynch said legislation to stamp out the pirates would be introduced soon in the Dáil.


When the pirate radio station ARD got raided - The Irish Independent 1-2-78

When the pirate radio station ARD got raided - The Irish Press 1-2-78


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