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Premier FM - Dublin

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"Memories and more...
Premier FM are a very long-running station from Dublin. They have been around as a pirate station since the '80's and were known originally as Premier AM. In 2004, they began broadcasting from the Russell Court Hotel, Harcourt Street, operating under a 30 day temporary licence (spread out over 14 weekends - mid September - mid-December). Premier FM is an oldies station that fulfils it's promise of playing the greatest hits of all time. Listening will bring back many memories and will reintroduce you to tracks you'd long forgotten. Even when fully-automated Premier was one of the few genuinely pleasurable stations on air."

In September 2004 I was asked if I would be interested in joining a radio station that specialised in playing 'oldies - hits from 1960 to 1990'.

It sounded like a great idea and I joined the team, presenting the Sunday afternoon show: "The Classic Chart Countdown with Stereo Steve".
Premier FM Card

Over 14 weekends, each show featured the number one songs from a particular year, with hourly news bulletins supplied by Avril Keogh and she also supplied the legendary 'Cheesy Choons'. Additional music production was provided by Derek Jones. I also got the chance to meet Mike Eastwood again - the last time we worked on a radio station together was in 1978 on Radio Dublin.

Premier FM was one of the most enjoyable times I have experienced on the radio for many years. It was great to be BACK!!
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The links below are 'airchecked' radio shows. That is, the songs have been edited down. Enjoy! PS - Don't forget to leave some feedback!

(1) Sun Sept 19th 2004 [.wma - 57.9MB - Dur 01:02:59]

(2) Sun Sept 26th 2004 [.wma - 42.5MB - Dur: 46:15]

(3) Sun Oct 3rd 2004 [.wma - 49.9MB - Dur: 54.17]

(4) Sun Nov 7th_2004 [.wma - 25.3MB - Dur: 36:35]

(7) Sun Nov 21st 2004 (P-1) [.mp3 - 36.2Mb - Dur: 31:01]

(8) Sun Nov 21st 2004 (P-2) [.mp3 - 33.8Mb - Dur: 29:35]

(5) Sun Dec 12th 2004 (P-1) [.wma - 21MB - Dur 34:38]

(6) Sun Dec 12th 2004 (P-2) [.wma - 12.1MB - Dur 19:58]

(7) Sun April 2nd 2006 [.wma - 43.6MB - Dur 1:07:29]

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