Jingle and promo: Radio West expands to Galway

Radio West was a popular station in Mullingar broadcasting 10 kW of power on 702 kHz throughout the midlands and beyond during the 1980s. It also had a series of low-power FM transmitters and by 1988 was boasting that it could be heard in 23 of the 26 counties. It even re-branded itself as ‘West National Radio 3’ and perhaps saw itself as a contender for a national commercial station as the licensed era approached. West also had a relay on 711 kHz covering Co. Galway and the following promo from 1988 is aimed at attracting Galway businesses to advertise. Its owner Seán Coyne was involved in the licensed Galway station of the same name in the early 1990s. Radio West was eventually re-branded as Galway Bay FM.